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Events for Employees and Partners
Convene all your employees and/or partners in the blink of an eye
No costly national meetings. No unnecessary delays in preparing for strategy or product launches. Online events are the way of the future for reaching all your network members and getting them onboard.

You can use this means of communication in the following situations:

  • Announcing new internal policies and strategies
  • Introducing new management team members
  • Emergency situations and minor or major crises
  • Important announcements: mergers and acquisitions, spokespersons, partnerships, etc.
  • New product launches
  • Significant changes to product lines or administrative processes
  • And more!

These solutions have many advantages:

  • Implementation speed—sometimes less than 24 hours!
  • Live interaction with your employees and partners!
  • No cost for participants
  • No need for participants to install complicated applications or programs—a simple Internet link is provided. Everyone can access the solution from their workstation or take part in a group session
  • Multiplatform: works on smartphones, iPads, and other devices
  • Information shared is consistent
  • Technical aspects are handled by WES—no more hassle with IT support teams!
  • Turnkey support, from strategy implementation to performance indicator measurement
  • Event recordings are available for later viewing (offline)

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