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Airline CRO training refresher
Open Doors Organization CRO Refresh Training Course
Open Doors Organization is pleased to introduce our updated CRO Refresh Training course. It is designed to make Complaints Resolution Officials aware of the latest rulemaking and guidance from the USDOT as well as from PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration). ODO trainers also discuss recent USDOT enforcements and how to prevent similar violations. In addition the webinar focuses on sections of Part 382 which need further interpretation and explanation.

Course highlights include :

The Air Carrier Access Act, Part 382 requires that all acting CRO’s participate in refresh training. Questions may be submitted at any time, info@opendoorsnfp.org

Let us know how your first year as a certified Complaint Resolution Official (CRO) has gone. If you would like to have the opportunity to share stories and ask questions to ODO staff members with disabilities who are experts on Part 382 and EC1107 just email us to schedule a time at info@opendoorsnfp.org.

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Durée 60 minutes
Coûts 69$ par visionnement par utilisateur

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