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Get the best for your family during the RRSP period
What Every Family Should Know
Looking for personal finance information? There's so much out there, it's hard to know where to turn. And when you've got decisions to make, all that information can make it difficult to see things clearly.

You wonder what's most important: paying off your debts, contributing to your RRSP, saving in a TFSA, getting an RESP to pay for your kids' education?

Where do you start when you have money to put to work?

Personal finance experts can help you answer questions like these:

In this webcast, you can get a handle on which of the many options available are best for you—and why. It's a good step toward optimizing your annual savings and finding out how to choose the best advice for your situation.

Nos conférenciers d'honneurs Marie-Claude Blanchet
Senior Consultant, National Bank
Benoit Champagne
Senior Consultant, National Bank
Animée par Brenda Shanahan
Financial Educator and Social Worker, McGill
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