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CUMA and CUMO Cooperative Services
Cooperative use of agricultural equi
The CUMA is a cooperative service that provides its members the means necessary to their operations. It thus provides an opportunity for its members to use farm equipment at the lowest possible price, meeting the needs of each. A cooperative use of agricultural equipment (CUMA) is a group of farmers established under the Law on Cooperatives. The first mission of a CUMA is to enable its members to use farm equipment at the lowest possible cost and the needs of each member. The CUMA is a great way to reduce the capitalization in machinery and equipment, thus reducing production costs. It also allows the use of more efficient machines and free up capital that can be directed towards productive investment.

A CUMO is the equivalent of a CUMA, but where we share a resource workforce. The CUMO model offers producers a reliable source of skilled agricultural labor at an affordable cost. For employees, this allows them to be employed full-time, to enjoy better working conditions and enjoy a variety of experiences. The CUMO assigns a full-time employee to fill the partial needs of labor by an average of eight producers.

This webinar will explain some of the features and consolidated benefits of these cooperatives.

Notre conférencière d'honneur Carrolyn O'Grady agr.
Advisor, Agri-Environment and Regional Development
Regional Directorate of Montérégie West
The Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
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