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How to Track and Analyze the Critical Numbers of Your Business
If you're someone who is a bit intimidated by accounting...
we organized this webinar with you in mind.
Understanding the source/origin of the numbers and how to manipulate and analyze them is the key to overcoming the fear of accounting terminology and complexity.

The simple truth is that you don't need an MBA or an in-depth understanding of double-entry accounting to know which numbers are the most critical to the health of your business and that deserve your keen attention. These numbers are your ultimate scorecard.

We'll do a review of the basic financial documents that track the flow of money within your business. Most critical numbers live on the following documents:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement

We'll also focus on key profitability terms such as tracking your Gross Margin and Net Income and learn some key ratios.

One of the most important reasons to organize your financial information is to stay on top of your taxes so as to avoid any liability issues.

À propos des conférenciers
Lewis Nozetz, B. Com, M.B.A.
Executive and Process Improvement Consultant, LCN Solutions Management Consulting

Lewis is a C-Level Operations Optimizer and Strategic Relationship Builder who:

  • Implements industry best practices to streamline order flow, maximizes productivity and minimize costs
  • Builds solid relationships with customers and vendors throughout North America, Asia and Europe
  • Creates and implements financial initiatives for stand-alone businesses and strategic business units
  • Implements reporting dashboards and generates quarterly reports, annual budgets and forecasts that provide critical financial data for effective decision-making
  • Increases cash flow by 20% via effective foreign exchange strategies

Ellis Basevitz, C.A.
Senior Consultant, PSB Boisjoli, LLP

As a founder of the firm 45 years ago, I owe my success to my ability to establish lasting relationships with clients and business partners. I am known for my passion and enthusiasm for problem solving, providing original and creative ideas that help clients to save money and grow their assets. My services are based on mutual trust, knowing how to listen to and understand the needs and objectives of our clients, and becoming their partner in the development of short and long term strategies, whether personal or in business.

Nos conférenciers d'honneur Lewis Nozetz, B. Com, M.B.A.
Executive and Process Improvement Consultant
LCN Solutions Management Consulting

Ellis Basevitz, C.A.
Senior Consultant
PSB Boisjoli, LLP
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