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Introduction to Dialogue Gap
How Dialogue Gap is hurting your company
If you have sales people who don’t talk to customers, service personnel who shy away from conflict or sourcing departments that cause more supply problems than you’d like, this webinar will provide you with a better understanding of how the world has changed since email and social media put an end to dialogue in your company. It will introduce the origins, implications and suggested solutions for the lack of dialogue in organisations today.

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Peter Nixon, CA, FCPA, MSc, McGill lecturer and author of both Dialogue Gap and Negotiation - Mastering Business in Asia, has helped thousands of service professionals in over 50 countries improve their sales, sourcing and service to transform their careers and organizations.

Originally from Montreal, Peter Nixon will lead this webinar from Hong Kong, where he has launched his consulting practice in 1994 (www.PotentialDialogue.com). Since that time he has travelled extensively and worked with a variety of organizations, cultures and executives.

Peter has researched dialogue in dozens of cultures and assembled practical tools, methodologies and workshops to enable and inspire. Simply put, Peter helps the right people discuss the right issues in the right way and at the right time and space.

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