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Energize Your Projects Through Facilitation:
How to engage and energize your project team through facilitation
"A pound of facilitation saves a ton of miscommunication. In the realm of IT, where there is never enough time in projects, yet project time is so easily wasted, project facilitators can be a real accelerators in bringing and binding teams together. I have repeatedly witnessed the marked differences in initiatives that have used the latest agile facilitation techniques and those who elected go without - the success factor was hard to ignore."

Personal statement from Rick Seys, Account Executive at BBW Consulting

In today’s business environment project teams struggle with many different challenges, some of which are:

While some of these challenges are simply out of the realm of the project teams’ control, the ability to enhance the project management process, increase communications and enhance the delivery of key deliverables is within their reach. One way to do this would be to apply basic facilitation tools and techniques to some of your key day to day project activities. In recent years, facilitation has become recognized as a core competency for Project Managers, Business Analysts and team leads, and is a proven skill set that is an added value for any project professional.

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