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The Rapidly Expanding World of ETFs
Putting ETFs to best use in constructing client portfolios
With the proliferation of exchange-traded funds advisors and their clients are faced with a confusing array of choices in constructing investment portfolios. Dan Hallett, vice president and director at Highview Financial Group of Oakville, Ont., will examine the ways to mix and match ETFs with other investments such as mutual funds, stocks and bonds. He will review some of the latest ETF products including actively managed and income-producing ETFs. He will also discuss which products are best used for which purposes, and whether some investments are better suited to ETFs or mutual funds.

Dan Hallett is responsible for manager research, portfolio construction and investment program design at HighView. With more than 17 years of industry experience, Dan has counseled many of Canada’s top financial advisors on portfolio composition for wealthy clients. His views are regularly featured in print, radio, TV and online media, and he has supplied investment research to a variety of outlets including Morningstar Canada.

Nos conférenciers d'honneur Dan Hallet
Vice Président et Directeur, Asset Management, Highview Financial Group,
Oakville, Ontario
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