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How the Loyalty landscape is changing
Using virtual incentives to drive real world loyalty
Setting appropriate KPIs and benchmarks for your customer loyalty campaigns to align with business objectives.

Case studies from airlines, including :

Your Presenter : Marco Serusi, SimpliFlying
Marco Serusi joined SimpliFlying in November 2011 as Engagement Executive, and is based in Valencia, Spain.

Before joining SimpliFlying, Marco worked for Aeronova, a Spanish charter airline, where he started as an intern and, within a year, became the youngest director of the company, taking up his former position of Marketing and Development Director at age 23. Marco has a passion for travelling that is well represented by his curriculum. After leaving Italy aged 18, he graduated in Air Transport in the UK, and then moved to Spain where he earned his MBA and specialized in Marketing. He is fluent in three languages (Italian, English and Spanish) and he’s studying two more (French and Polish).

Marco constantly researches and analyzes the latest trends and innovations in airline/airport social media marketing and uses this information to better understand existing engagement strategies and develop new ones. He then uses this information to help deliver cutting edge strategies when consulting. ( if you need more info hisLinkedin profile is here)

Nos conférenciers d'honneur Marco Serusi
Engagement Executive, SimpliFlying
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