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Mobile Marketing Made Easy
Mobile marketing is a relatively new way to get your message out, and will only grow in popularity. To stay ahead of your competition, you should be looking at this opportunity, which could increase your customer responsiveness and save you time and money.

Here are three more reasons why mobile marketing is important:

Mobile marketing is very personal
It addresses your intended audience directly and without fear that your message is missed. Unlike mailing lists, or television commercials where your message can be ignored or never seen, your message lands directly in your customer's hands.

Mobile marketing happens immediately
Unlike other forms of marketing or advertising, your message may not be received in a timely manner, but with mobile marketing your target audience receives your coupons/savings/promotions without delay and it will most likely stick with them.

Mobile marketing allows your product or service to stand out
It is likely that you have a fair number of competitors. By using mobile marketing, you have created something unique, something that your audience may consider special; something they can only get from you and your business. You are able to express who you are and what you do to your targeted customers better with mobile marketing than with most techniques.

Notre conférencier d'honneur Patrick Sheehan | President & Founder, Punch Mobility

Patrick Sheehan is the founder and technical director at Punch Mobility, a Montreal based mobile marketing agency.

Since 2004, Patrick has operated his own business in web development, internet marketing and graphic design for a multitude of clients. Some of his projects included, e-commerce websites, webcam lessons sites, membership sites and blogs. He has also worked extensively in internet marketing, helping his clients achieve greater success with their online marketing efforts.

The mission of Punch Mobilty is to help small and medium sized businesses increase their sales by allowing them to interact and market directly to their customers through their mobile devices by using an affordable turn key system that is easy to use and offers a high return on investment.
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