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The Quest for Income
Generating Reliable Retirement Income in Volatile Markets
With stock markets volatile and fixed-income returns skimpy, many clients are questioning the ability of their investments to generate sufficient income. Inflation has the potential to seriously erode the purchasing power of a static income stream during retirement. In a webinar on February 25, Dennis Mitchell, executive vice president and chief investment officer of Sentry Investments, offers strategies for key retirement income issues such as inflation, longevity, suitable asset allocation and maintaining a healthy and sustainable withdrawal rate.

Notre conférencier d'honneur Dennis Mitchell
Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer of Sentry Investments.
Dennis Mitchell, who is also the lead portfolio manager of Sentry REIT Fund and Sentry Infrastructure Fund, is an industry leader in real estate investment trusts and infrastructure, both of which can offer strong income in the current low-interest-rate environment.
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