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The Revenue Management Package
An Evolutionary Revelation
A look at how the history of Revenue Management has shaped the present and insights to a more creative interpretation of Revenue Management and its future !

Presentation Outline
A little revenue management history - Deregulation

The need for revenue management

How our business environment has evolved

Fundamental requirements for our success today

Our customers and their changing values

What is the future of revenue management?

Dependent demand forecasting
An excellent introduction to revenue management for companies researching RM systems, for new employees of revenue management, and for all employees in an organization with a revenue management philosophy, this seminar can be scheduled for a convenient delivery time, presented by an industry expert.

Notre conférencier d'honneur Gary Parker
President, Rmexpertise
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Durée 90 minutes
Coûts 149$

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The Basics of Revenue Management eBook

The Basics of Revenue Management is an eBook in PDF format. There are 156 pages printed in colour with an electronic index and search feature. Delivery by follow-up email.

The book consists of six modules covering the following topics: Managing Demand; Differential Pricing; Booking Class Assignment and Seat Inventory Control; Performance Measurement; Scheduling Process and Capacity Adjustment; and Building a Revenue Management Organization. An excellent reference book, or training manual.