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An Online Live Interactive Q&A with Leon Rosenstock, industry expert.
CEDEC is featuring a free, live, and interactive on-line Q&A session with industry expert Leon Rosenstock. Please visit this page on Thursday, March 28, 2013, from 12pm-1pm. The online discussion will be taking place in the box below.

CEDEC is featuring a free live and interactive on-line Q&A session with industry experts.

If your business depended on it. . . What question would you like answered? Making the right decisions has a lot to do with experience and expertise. Ask the questions and get the answers you need to propel your business to new heights.

Do you have a great idea for a product or service and you are looking for the best way to get it to market? Perhaps you have an existing business that needs to increase its sales? Are you a small business that would like to sell to major retailers?

Would you like to exhibit at an industry trade show but don’t even know where to begin? You can ask any of these and other questions to consulting experts with a track record of taking companies and entrepreneurs from $0 to millions of dollars in sales in a short time. Best of all . . . IT’S LIVE – IT’S ON-LINE and IT’S FREE!

This is an online free session, there is no audio or video, just text. We are focusing on good, concrete questions, answers and advice. Participants can ask questions to our presenter either during the event or in advance.

Submit your questions
Please send your questions to the email address below and the presenter will attempt to answer as many as possible during the session. Or, if you have a question, get in touch! You can also leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page.

Notre conférencier d'honneur Leon Rosenstock
Marketing consultant with a track record for guiding small and medium-sized businesses from zero to millions of dollars in sales at mass market. Mibex helps companies implement effective business and product strategies based on 30 years of real market experience. Website | Linkedin
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