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Savings and Investment Roadmap Webinar
Would you embark on a long distance trip without any kind of directions about where you should stop overnight or what landmarks you need to look out for? Probably not. Nor should you embark on your life journey without your own personal roadmap pointing out important milestones in your savings and investment plan along the way. We will be looking at each stage of life with the financial opportunities and obstacles that come as one begins one’s working life, starts a family, saves for retirement and so on. Webinar attendees will be offered different tips about how to make key financial decisions at different stages of life and how to make the most of the savings and investment vehicles available to Canadians.

We will also look at what happens if you take a wrong turn or the road suddenly disappears from under you. We cannot control the global environment but we can certainly prepare ourselves for the journey ahead.


Presentation Overview
This presentation will cover the following topics:

Introduction of the speaker, learning objectives and session outline.

Life as a Journey
Do we live to make money or make money to live? Exploring how our values, culture and personal goals direct our choices and how money is the resource we harness to support our choices.

Life Stages in a Canadian Context
How and when do we pass from one stage of life to the next? Is it chronological or experiential? What are the financial goals of each life stage and how are they supported by our society? What might go wrong?

Wrapping up
A brief overview of some of the key points to remember when using the savings and investment roadmap to one’s own life.

Brenda Shanahan, BSW, MBA, CFP is a former banker turned social worker who is a trailblazer in the field of financial education. Brenda’s mission is to help individuals, couples and families manage their money with confidence. As a financial educator and counsellor, Brenda works with students, private clients and community groups on financial literacy topics such as budgeting, debt, investment savings, taxes, disability and estate planning as well as social policy issues concerning social benefits and income security.

Brenda currently writes a weekly column called “Let’s Talk Money” for the Montreal Gazette addressing personal finance questions with a social work twist and is frequently asked by radio and online media to provide financial education and comment on fiscal policies affecting ordinary Canadians.

Brenda can be reached at www.yourfinancialcounsellor.ca

Notre conférencier d'honneur Brenda Shanahan
Quand 27 Novembre 2012
Heure 12:00 pm à 13:00 pm
This is a 60-minute interactive presentation.
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