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How the speed of technology is completely rewriting all the rules of communication, PR and the media
Some underlying issues
The 24/7 news cycle and what it means
Controlling the message
Interacting with customers
PR - a driver of marketing campaigns

Presenter Jeff Blond is the Business editor at The Gazette.

Mr. Blond joined The Gazette in 1994 as a part-time copy boy, and later obtained a full-time position after graduating from Concordia University with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Philosophy and Journalism. Mr. Blond has worked in almost every department during his time at The Gazette, advancing slowly through the ranks. His jobs have included working on the stock pages, the Sports Scoreboard page, an assistant editor, a slot editor in Sports, Business and City and the night editor overseeing the production of the paper before reaching his current position. Mr. Blond was also the weekly bridge columnist for nine years, a job he was qualified for as a Canadian championship player as well as a three-time Canadian junior champion who represented Canada in international competition. As Business editor, Mr. Blond has had to oversee his staff of seven reporters during a very difficult time in the newspaper business as the focus turns to digital, advertising revenue is drying up and staffing is being cut.

Mr. Blond can be reached at jblond@montrealgazette.com

Notre conférencier d'honneur Jeff Blond
Business editor, The Gazette
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