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Working Well With Others:
Strategies for Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Whether you are a Project Manager, a department head, a customer service representative, or a front-line employee, you will have to deal with conflict in your workplace. How you manage and resolve conflict in your role is critical to your success and professional development. Discerning when to speak, when not to speak, how to listen, what to say, how to frame what you way, and to whom to speak, are just a few of the critical factors involved in developing and maintaining productive relationships and work teams. Conflict management and resolution require heightened sensitivity, strong communication skills, creativity, and several additional skills.

Some Project Managers and managers in general, are very good at maintaining strong and healthy working relationships. Other individuals find it easier to focus on managing tasks and more difficult to establish and maintain genuine cordiality and professionalism when working with a team. Irrespective of where you are on the spectrum, everyone can improve.

This webcast is designed to give participants (managers in particular) an opportunity to focus on specific skills with the goal of increasing their capacity to work with different types of individuals and to successfully handle difficult situations.

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